Cost Our wedding fees are set at £564 for 2018 (including organist, verger and marriage certificate). The choir are an optional extra (and subject to availability). Please download our wedding leaflet For further information and a booking - please call in to church on a Wednesday evening between 7-8pm. Marriage after divorce We wish you a lifetime of love that grows with God’s protection. But we recognise that some marriages do fail for all sorts of sad and painful reasons. So in certain circumstances the Church of England accepts that a divorced person may marry again and this has been the case since 2002. There may be a way forward for you to remarry at All Saints Church, but you should talk to the clergy about this. Our clergy will want to talk frankly with you about your past and hopes for the future and will then be able to advise you. If a wedding in Church is not appropriate for your circumstances we are more than happy to discuss a blessing. Service of prayer and dedication after a civil ceremony Many people who have a civil wedding feel they would like to dedicate their marriage to God in church soon afterwards. It is a simple service, open to anyone. The words of the service acknowledge the commitment you have already made and ask for God’s blessings and guidance in your new life together. Because it is not a marriage service, banns are not required and there is no signing of the Registers. It also means that the service can be adapted to your needs. Many couples have opted for this service where one or both of them is remarrying after divorce. If this is your situation, talk things through with your vicar who can offer guidance on remarrying in church. Renewal of wedding vows We are always delighted to offer couples the opportunity to renew or reaffirm their wedding vows to each other. This may be to celebrate an anniversary, such as a silver, ruby or golden wedding. It may also be something couples wish to do after a time of separation or difficulty in their marriage. If you have any questions about renewing your wedding vows at All Saints Church, you are always welcome to discuss your plans with the Team Rector, Chris. But we have compiled some of the common questions that we are frequently asked to get you started… Q: Do we have to have been married at All Saints Church? No. Many of the couples for whom we conduct services for the renewal of vows are returning to the church where they were married. However, many are also local people who were married elsewhere and now want to reaffirm their wedding vows at their local church. Q: Where can the service be held? We would normally only offer this service in All Saints Church, as either part of one of our main services, or as a separate service. Though there may be good reasons (e.g. illness) which would make it appropriate for it to happen at home for example. Q: What happens on the day? In many ways that is up to you. Couples vary in the kind of celebration they wish to have as part of renewing their vows. At its simplest level, it may be that you want a simple prayer at the end of one of our regular Sunday services. At the other, you may want a full service at a time of your choosing, surrounded by freinds and family. This might look very similar to a wedding service with hymns, readings, a talk, prayers as well as the renewal of vows. Sometimes couples also want to give each other a new ring (or rings). Q: How do we arrange it? The first thing to do is to speak to one of the clergy after one of the services, or by telephone. The clergy will explain the process to you, and arrange to chat with you. Q: How much does it cost? This really depends on the kind of service you choose. There is no charge for a simple prayer at the end of one of our regular Sunday services, but for a service at a separate time fees are charged. The clergy will be able to discuss with you the various options, and possible expenses.


Planning your wedding

  Once you have booked a wedding with us, the vicar will talk to you about the arrangements. We would like to help and support you, whatever stage you’re at with your planning. Here are a few links to help you…   (for both words and music) but remember to speak to the vicar who is conducting your service as well!



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