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Godparents have a special role. It's about helping a child to come to know God, encouraging them in their spiritual life and supporting them in their membership of the local church. You need to be at the Christening where you will make promises to help bring them up in the Christian faith. It's a role that will grow over time, as your godchild grows up and develops their own faith. For more information


There is no cost for a Christening (or baptism). However, as a charity we welcome donations towards our ongoing running costs. Donations may be gift aided at no extra cost to you (we can provide envelopes to enable you to do this).
Light a candle Lighting a candle is a great way of praying for a child who has been, or will be, christened.  You can do that here, or in a church. To light your candle here, follow the steps. Thanksgiving Some parents might want to celebrate the gift of a child in a different way without the commitment that baptism involves. During the Thanksgiving Service parents and families give thanks for the birth or adoption of a child and everyone prays for family life. It can take place in church with the congregation, or with just family and friends gathered, or elsewhere such as home, or even in hospital. A Thanksgiving Service is not a baptism. There are no promises to make about the Christian faith. Your child will be blessed and prayed for, and supporting friends will promise to support the parents in bringing up their baby. There is nothing to stop the child being baptised at a later date. To find out more about a Thanksgiving Service - please come along on a Wednesday evening for a chat (between 7-8pm in church).

Planning your child’s Christening

Baptism for babies and children takes place in a service often called a Christening. In this service parents thank God for his gift of life, make a decision to start their child on a journey of faith and godparents promise help and support. The church also promises to welcome  the child and to pray for the family. For your child, being baptised at a Christening marks the start of a lifelong journey of faith as part of the local and worldwide Christian family. Our Christenings take place at either the main 11am Sunday service, or at 12.45pm. We usually offer Christenings on the 4th Sunday of the month. Please note we may not be able to offer these Sundays at busy times of the year.
For arranging a Christening - please come to our vestry hour held every Wednesday 7-8pm in the church
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Having your baby Christened
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